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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to enter my property? 

We need to enter the property and/or basement of your house/business because it is the best way to determine if there are any cross connections between the stormwater and sanitary sewer system.

What is a cross connection? 

A cross connection is any plumbing, piping and drains that will allow clean water (rain water) to enter the sanitary sewer system. Typical cross connections are downspouts, yard drains and footer drains.

What do I need to do to prepare for the visits? 

You can provide assistance and shorten the visitations by making sure that all downspouts and yard drains are visible and free from obstructions.

Is this going to cost me anything? 

The cost for any improvements required to correct any cross connections will be paid for by Summit County Department of Sanitary Sewer Services in partnership with Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. You will be responsible for and made aware of standard maintenance items, that are not contributors  of I&I, such as cleaning your sanitary sewer line that connects your house/business to the street.

How long will the inspections take? 

The CCTV inspections could take several hours inside and around the outside of the house/business.

What is CCTV? 

CCTV is shorthand for Close Circuit Television and it refers to the camera and recording equipment that we will utilize to perform the sanitary sewer line inspection.

What is a clean out? 

A sanitary sewer clean out is a sewer fitting within a house/business that allows access into the sanitary plumbing. It is usually located near the floor and it typically consists of a tee and threaded cap.

What if you find something connected incorrectly? 

We are looking for cross connections, if we find something, we will take note of it, investigate it further and develop a plan to fix it.

Are you going to issue citations? 

No, the intent is to correct problems so we are not looking to punish anyone for known or suspected cross connections.

What if I don't let you enter my property? 

We will adhere to any reasonable requests you may have to enter your property. Please note that if access is not granted 
as part of this project, you will be financially responsible for any required solutions to address a cross connection if one is discovered in the future. Finding the sources of clean water entering the sanitary sewer system and removing them helps everyone connected to the sewer system from having sewage back-up into basements, and protects the environment, so we hope that you will allow access.

When are the inspections scheduled? 

Currently, the inspections are scheduled to begin in mid June, however, you will receive notification when your inspection is scheduled.

Are you going to make a mess? 

While opening the clean out to sanitary sewer pipes can be a messy proposition, we will make every effort to keep the area neat and clean. We will be utilizing drop cloths and we will carry cleaning supplies for cleaning up small spills. After any visitation to your home/business, it will be as clean as when we arrived. 

How will I know who is coming on my property? 

You will be notified in advance of our arrival by the persons who will be in attendance. Each individual that is part 
of the visitation and inspection will have picture badge identification and the City will be notified of our presence in the neighborhood.

How will I be notified of schedule changes? 

The project website will have an updated schedule and a door hanger will be placed on your door in advance of your scheduled inspection.

What if I don’t know where my clean out is located?

The project team will identify the location of the sanitary sewer clean out location in your basement/lower level during the initial visitation. 

What if I won't be in-town/in-state during the inspections?

We will make every effort to schedule the CCTV inspection for a time when the homeowner or designated responsible person is available. However, you may not be eligible to participate in this project if site visits are not possible (see above)

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